Andrea Hudson-Lindsey

My motto of have less, do more is a daily reminder to give and help others no matter how small as we never know the life we can changed. I am giver, a server and a lover of life who lives each day to the fullest.  I was born in Jamaica and raised in a family that was poor monetarily but rich in love, compassion and the belief you are your brother’s keeper.

I am a Certified Travel Concierge with over 25 years of experience with a passion for Voluntourism and a hunger for missions.

Having travelled to over 25 countries and see the many needs and realizing we can all make a difference no matter how small my daily mission is to use my position as a travel concierge & a youth mentor as a platform to continue raising awareness for voluntourism and to teach others travel is more than a physical journey of going from one place to another but also a spiritual journey.

My interest and passion for voluntourism has fueled my specialization in missions and religious travel and I am determined to educate others to see travel as an inner journey as well as physical activity that can be used to promote travel with a purpose and travel for change.

My mission is to simply help others use travel as a vehicle to fulfill our life mission of helping, loving, teaching and sharing.

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