Cassandra Holder

Cassandra Holder a developing woman in business to help other people reach their goals and make incredible breakthroughs in their own lives through the power of the mind.

But before Cassandra  learned the strategies of the mind in building an abundant life and creating  amazing wealth, she had her share of struggles and seemingly insurmountable challenges in life.

Earlier on in her life, Cassie experienced a lot of career detours and failed business ventures.

She held on as long as she could. After she soon reached a turning point where she discovered a way to reprogram her mind to attract everything she desired, as well as create systems in place to put her life back on track.

Cassandra knew this change would not happen overnight so she decided to publish a free mindset Makeover series to inspire other women to be their best selves no matter what life circumstances come their way.

Cassandra enjoys traveling to various cities especially Toronto, she has a passion for different cultures, she loves international cuisines and can adapt to anything life throws her way. She is currently working on launching her first digital marketing agency.

In her spare time you can find Cassandra meditating, writing copy for her brand or just simply relaxing with a glass of red wine. Her mission is no woman left behind in business and life, let’s empower a new pathway to success!