Cheryl Martin, Resiliency Coach

Cheryl Martin has been successfully guiding and mentoring individuals for the last 20 years. As a Resiliency Coach and Post Traumatic Growth expert, Cheryl is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and the Quantum Change Process, an International Bestselling Author, and was honoured in 2018 with the entrepreneurial Woman on Fire award for Single Mom of the Year.

As a young mother Cheryl found herself in a relationship dominated by power struggles and control, and fearing for the safety of her child, she left her marriage. What she thought would be a quick escape to freedom was not. Physically she was free, but emotionally and mentally she still felt manipulated, controlled and trapped into a life she could not break free of.

Her upcoming book, Rescue Your Self, is a guide inspired by her own journey, honed with the skills and techniques she uses with her clients, to lead you to your own place of mental, emotional and spiritual freedom. With her unique combination of lived experience and the variety of mind, body, and soul tools she has, Cheryl walks alongside her clients,  to build deep trust, inner connections and create a life where they are valued,  appreciated  and free to be themselves.

Resiliency Coach and Post Traumatic Growth Expert
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