Dr. Nadine Wong

Dedicated, Disciplined & Compassionate

Ms. Wong is an immigrant from Jamaica, who has called Canada home for over 30 years.  She is a Clinician who specializes in Hair Mineral Analysis as the means to determine possible causes of autoimmune disease, mental health, and hair and scalp and their disorders. Alabaster Wellness Clinic offers services in natural medicine, through allopathic methods stemming from individual hair minerals analysis results. Thenresults from the mineral analysis are paired with Nutrition Therapy to obtain complete wellness of the mind, body, and sensitivity.

Nadine Wong is the creator of Alabaster Beauty Medicinal Ointment Cosmetic Products. The author of three books: “What If Your Hair Could Speak, What Would it Say?", “ Sex, Let talk about Sex in a Christain Bed”, and is currently working on the third book, “Sex, Let talk about Sex in a Christain Bed 2”.

Ms. Wong is a board-certified member of the American Drugless Associaton She holds a Ph.D. in Trichology, the scientific study of hair and scalp and their disorders, Ph.D. in Cosmetology, Ph.D. in Counseling with a specialty in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Integrative Medicine. 


Nadine Wong’s compilations of diverse studies have always been intrigued by the interconnections of the human anatomy and physiology of the body. Ms. Wong is a Board Member of the following organizations: The World Organization of Natural Medicine (www.wonm.org), The Board of Integrative Medicine, and The Board of Natural Medicine. 

In 2013 she was the recipient of The Harry Jerome Health Science Award, Breakfast Club Award, 2003 Trichology Achievement Award, 2002 Trichology Student of the Year, and 2001 Trichology Pioneer Award. She also functioned as a guest Health advisor contributor on G98.7 FM, Kool 97 FM, and (CKFG). Her personal aspiration is to unlock the harmony of the individual’s mind through education based on complete wellness involving the mind, body, and sensuality.

Ms. Nadine Wong founded in 2010 the Alabaster Gate Children’s Charity on the mission to educate children beyond their limitations and to develop their life skills. The charity’s initiative through an International Education Program offers a global experience to students around the world on a social study curriculum, bursary programs that are awarded to the most improved and highest achiever girls and boys, and establish breakfast programs to communities school. In addition to her wellness practice and philanthropy work, Ms. Wong is a sought after Motivational Speaker.

Dr. Nadine Wong’s Mission statement:  “Through the hair, there is the wellness”

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