Godevar Cooper, Fashion Designer

A million thoughts illuminate the mind;

Who is Ms. Godevar Cooper?

She was born on the Sunny Island of Trinidad February 6th, 1965, and later Immigrated to Toronto.  She graduated from high-school, continued her Education in College, and graduated from George Brown College with a Diploma in Business. Ms. Cooper, is a compassionate, caring, and easy going individual. Who is both complex and simple.  She is a proud mother of two lovely children, as well as a Grandson and Grand daughter. She nurtures, counsels, and assists young people with their self-esteem, and by doing so, they develop into successful, functional citizens in society.  She finds this work very gratifying.  She is employed as a Service Coordinator, and has a part-time business.

One can always find Godevar putting herself in the front line helping those in need. This conscientious woman has a soft spot in her heart for children, and has personally taken on the Board of Education, and the City Council in a battle  to keep the local school and daycare open.  She has represented the parents and the community in the City Hall Counsel of Chambers, and has sat on three different Boards.  Godevar has sat on The Parents Advisory Board for the Toronto City Council, and has been voted President of the Board of Directors for Perth School Day-care. Godevar loves the Lord, and endeavors to do his will in her life.  She can be found assisting in most areas in Ministry, including praise and worship, lead percussionist, church administration, public relations, and assisting in the Youth program.

Godevar has a passion for designing unique items.  At the age of 9, she was found designing and producing Christmas cards for her entire class.  Godevar started sewing clothing at the age of eleven by hand.  She created a bathing-suit for her stepmother and this gave her the confidence to continue developing other items.  Godevar produces wedding items, bridal attire, garment embellishments, bouquets, ladies handkerchiefs, and Stationary.  Godevar submerges herself in clothing design, creating customize garments for brides, people with disabilities and women who are unable to locate suitable attire within traditional stores.  She views this industry from a non- traditional point of view, and incorporates her personal designs while she mentors her clients.  Godevar takes pride in providing a unique service to individuals whose clothing choice would otherwise be limited.  She believes that making a difference one client at a time is the way to conduct business. She is passionate about interior design, cooking, sewing, landscaping, floral design, and other creative activities.