Gwyneth Herrera, Artist & Speaker

Gwyneth Herrera is a 12 years old Young International Award Winning Canadian Artist, Speaker and philanthropist starting with the world of painting when she was only 18 months old and she demonstrated interest in details and colours since she was 6 months old.

By the age of 3, she had created 20 professional sized paintings. In spite of her tender age, she has captured the attention nationally and internationally for her genuineness and sincere love for art. She immersed herself into the creations of God.

In nature is where she finds her inspiration. Gwyneth has been receiving several acknowledgments just to mention some, she was a keynote speaker alongside with your honorable Hazel McCallion during the BMW, winner for the “Achievement Awards” by Vigor Awards International, recognized as as “One of the Youngest Artist on Canvas in the World”, She was the winner of the ” Visionary of the Year by Vision Awards.” A recognition for her philanthropy, and works of art, nominated as an Everyday Political Citizen (EPC), Gwyneth won “The Young Visionary of the Year ” by Vision Awards, her first art exhibition at Visual Arts Mississauga Gallery at the tender age of 4, Gwyneth received a recognition as one of the “150 Top Latin America Profile in Canada”,
Ottawa, Gwyneth was invited as a special guest speaker at CMIIC, managed by the Government of Canada and during Da Vinci 500 years legacy, she was a guest speaker during the graduation class of children in Colombia, Gwyneth presented her Art Work and gave a speech during an International Convention for Gifted Children in Mexico City. interviewed by Susan Hay (Global Toronto News), Laura Kane (Toronto Star), David Patterson (Mississauga News), Radio Voces Latinas, featured by Global News and in Germany to Celebrate the Gifted Children Day.