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Godevar Cooper

Fashion Designer – Trinidad & Tobago

One can always find Godevar putting herself in the front line helping those in need. This conscientious woman has a soft spot in her heart for children, and has personally taken on the Board of Education, and the City Council in a battle to keep the local school and daycare open.  She has represented the parents and the community in the City Hall Counsel of Chambers, and has sat on three different Boards.  Godevar has sat on The Parents Advisory Board for the Toronto City Council, and has been voted President of the Board of Directors for Perth School Day-care. READ MORE…

Onem Carson-Ekine

Creative Director, EM Avenue – Nigeria

Having interests in the Culinary, Event, Hospitality and Tourism Space with several industry certifications, Onem, a mum and serial entrepreneur, juggles the rewards of being a multipreneur by initiating and growing business ideas while raising her birth and adopted children. READ MORE…

Janice Horne

Light Changers Lifestyle, Ballroom Dancer – USA

Passionate, inspirational, heart-centered.
I AM A WOMAN ON FIRE because…..
I follow my intuition; my nudges, my inner knowing…
I am an outside the box thinker…
I am a woman of courage and destiny….which has led me on a journey of self-discovery; a journey of self-awareness to live the life I was called to live. This journey led me to propose and create my own position in the largest hospital system in the South East.  Currently, I am a  full-time music relaxation specialist in Atlanta, GA. I teach patients how to utilize music as a healing modality which can support their recovery process. READ MORE…

Melissa Hadaway

Online Coach – Jamaica

Passionate! Empowered! Persistent!

After being diagnosed with meningitis in 2015, and losing her hearing, Melissa has fought her way to being not just an entrepreneur but being a woman who empowers others to ignite the fire within themselves and find their purpose, passion and power through an online coaching program, she continually promotes other women in the community. READ MORE…

Leatrice Lindsay

Serial Mompreneur – Jamaica

A woman of Devine Purpose, woman of God, a mother of 3 on a mission, a serial mompreneur, a world-renowned inspirational speaker, health coach, mentor, and your accountability partner. She was last year’s nominee and was featured on vercay radio (IHeart radio). READ MORE…

Ruth Herrera

Writer & Researcher – Mexico

Ruth Herrera is a writer and researcher and a member of the Herrera house seal.
Her passion focuses on consciously incorporating resilience strategies into our
lives when facing the unthinkable. Her goal is to touch the hearts of many people
that are suffering, grieving and feeling without hope, by offering resilience tools and a sense of well-being. READ MORE…

Cassandra Holder

Social Media Specialist – Trinidad & Tobago

Cassandra Holder a developing woman in business to help other people reach their goals and make incredible breakthroughs in their own lives through the power of the mind. But before Cassandra  learned the strategies of the mind in building an abundant life and creating amazing wealth, she had her share of struggles and seemingly insurmountable challenges in life. READ MORE…

Sophia Findlay

Communications Specialist – Jamaica

Sophia Findlay is a Toronto-based communications specialist with expertise in journalism, social media content blogging, photography and an account manager for print, radio and online. She currently works with Gleaner Media (Canada), G987FM and her own public relations start-up agency, WRD MRT PR. Sophia also volunteers as a board director at the University of Toronto’s radio station CIUT. READ MORE…

Andrea Hudson-Lindsey

Travel Specialist – Jamaica

My motto of have less, do more is a daily reminder to give and help others no matter how small as we never know the life we can changed. I am giver, a server and a lover of life who lives each day to the fullest.  I was born in Jamaica and raised in a family that was poor monetarily but rich in love, compassion and the belief you are your brother’s keeper. READ MORE…

Evadney Lee

CEO – Jamaica

Evadney Lee has been an entrepreneur for over ten years. She has owned and operated several businesses in the past that range from food & beverage to lingerie. Ms. Lee is currently the proud owner and CEO of Hidden Earthly Treasures. This organic skin & hair care line has been in existence for nearly seven years and features top quality anti-aging formulas that really work. Although Hidden Earthly Treasures customers are primarily women, the company does have many products for men and children of all ages. Evadney Lee is especially interested in helping
infants and younger children with problematic skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema. READ MORE…

Gaby Abdelgabir

Success Principles Trainer – Sudan

I am a WOMAN ON FIRE because I have survived hardships over hardships and still
keep my head up high and a smile on my face! READ MORE…

Allison Castillo

Miss Teen – Canada

Allison Yaritza Castillo is 16 years old, she currently lives in the town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, and is a grade 11 student at Jean vanier Catholic High school. Allison has many hobbies which include joining the Jean Vanier senior band where she plays the flute, the band recently won a gold medal. She also participates in extra-curricular activities such as house league soccer and is a volunteer at the North York General Hospital, in addition, she was part of the first-ever Hispanic Christmas celebration and was named Christmas Princess. READ MORE…

Christine Craig

TV Host – Grenada

I am a WOMAN ON FIRE because I recognized that we as  women should help support encourage and promote each other while working towards our individual goals sharing information not being selfish or conceited there is no competition between us each person is an individual embarked on a different journey making each one of us unique in our NICHE. READ MORE…

Patricia Lynn Stokes

Community Advocate – Canada

Patricia is a Contemporary Abolitionist, who strongly believes in advocating for those who are not able to advocate for themselves. She is the co founder of Pat & Pat Partnering Against Trafficking, with others around the world. 

She is a philanthropist, and humanitarian. Patricia has dedicated over 20yrs to the front lines, being a trauma survivor herself, advocating for our society’s most vulnerable has become her Burning Desire. She has been a hands on Board member since 2015- as the Vice President
at www.DawnHouse.caREAD MORE…

Kesha Christie

Storyteller – Jamaica

Kesha is also the founder of Talkin’ Tales a platform that promotes the tradition of oral storytelling through performances, workshops and the annual Storyteller marketplace called Talkin’ Tales a Celebration of Afro-Caribbean Heritage. READ MORE…

Laurie Herman

Younique Representative – Canada

I am a WOMAN ON FIRE because I have shown strong, positive, caring leadership throughout my life. I was blessed  with a 30 year career in education. I retire as an Elementary School Principal 5 years ago. I took about 7 months to write my first book and then started an online business. I am a Younique Representative. I support Younique because their products are
natural based, cruelty free and the companies Foundation supports sexually abused women. I believe we are here to support each other. “A true leader is not the one with the most followers but one who creates the most leaders.” READ MORE…

Heba Ahmed Malki

Multipreneur – Canada

Heba Ahmed Malki, is well-known for her ambition, discipline and purpose, qualities that have driven the achievements of her very successful businesses. Heba is the Owner and Director of Business Operations of domilya GROUP, an award-winning home renovation, design and custom construction company servicing the Halton and Peel Regions of Ontario. READ MORE…

Mackeda Bramwell, BA. JD. GDLP

Partner & Community Activist – Jamaica

Mackeda holds a degree in Criminal Justice, Juris Doctor degree in law, and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. She also holds membership at the New South Wales Bar and the Law Society of Ontario. She is an active community member and an advocate for the empowerment and upliftment of minorities in Canada. She is especially passionate about giving a voice to the vulnerable and the underserved in her community. READ MORE…

Norma Trivino

Business Ambassador – Canada

As Richmond Hill Business Ambassador, Norma Trivino is a high-profile community
leader with recognition and credibility beyond the province of Ontario. She is the first- ever Latina to hold this position since 2018. Most currently, Norma was nominated to join the Canadian delegation to the 64th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York. READ MORE…

Martha Samer

Goodwill Ambassador, COO & CMO TV CHRIO Vision Networks – Venezuela

Bilingual in English and Spanish, also as career woman who has had immigrated with her family to Canada from Venezuela, living in several countries such as Mexico, Colombia, United States of America, went throughout the process of settlement and contacts with different cultures, enforcing her abilities to work with multidisciplinary teams, with critical thinking, decision making, leadership in activities of human rights and social justice. Her certifications in International Law, were giving her the experience to represent International business in the motor parts industry. She has conducted national and international conference on Asian lines of brands related to the expansion of the automotive industry in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, United States (Texas, Florida and Maryland). She has organized Expo-Franchises and assisted International Seminars related to immigration areas. READ MORE…

Miriam Arteaga Lara

Entrepreneur – Mexico

Miriam is a Mexican woman who emigrated to Canada worked at McDonald’s until she took her maternity leave, there she learned that you have to ask for what you want and that with work, perseverance and professionalism things can be achieved.

She started to work without speaking English and ended up being the Administrative Assistant for the franchise of 5 restaurants. When she met motherhood facing this without family and with friends without children, she decided to share her experiences with the new moms, so they would not feel alone.

Founder of Latin Mom in Canada and began publishing information of interest for women with children and for their families. READ MORE…

Michell Barker

Personal Growth & Development – Panama

Michell Barker has been empowering women in any way that she can for the last 18 years of her life.  After she was born in Panama her mother and siblings moved to Dallas, TX for a year before immigrating to  Canada when she was 3 years old. Daughter of Isabel Bejarano and William Vicente Barker, she watched how her mother overcame a society very different from
the one she was used to back in El Salvador. Through the church that she was attending, Michell finally decided to take her self development seriously so she decided listen to motivational speakers online, read countless books and attend and serve her church any time she could. Then she decided that she wanted to help women by sharing the lessons she learned that helped her through her journey of healing. READ MORE…

Sandra Sylburne

Entrepreneur & Community Advocate – England

A single mother of 3, 2 successful businesses, superior business services inc., Motto: “we strive
for excellence" and charity: Treasure Community Health and Wellness association, motto: “there is a jewel inside us,” an organization to assist marginalized communities within the GTA by way of supporting seniors, adult education including financial literacy, a genre based dance/fitness class name reggae fun and fitness, founded by Sandra Sylburne. background medical executive assistant, medical/legal transcriptionist entertainment consultant, corporate
and local event management, community worker for individual with intellectual disabilities, international artist management. READ MORE…

Sherese Jesuorobo

Crystal High – Grenada

She was born in Canada and raised in Grenada. When she returned to Canada in 1999, she knew she was different from all her classmates. Her creativity and entrepreneurship talents sprung into manifestation from an early age when she started her first home business cleaning shoes. She then took her new business skills to school and started making and selling skipping ropes. She always had a passion for speaking for the voiceless, encouraging the meek and being a light in the darkness. She currently promotes self awareness and unity through her Crystal Highp business creating one of a kind crystal jewelry and teaching others to do the same. READ MORE…

Lorena Perry

Career Coach – Mexico

Lorena Perry is a MexiCan (Mexican/Canadian) who arrived in this beautiful Country in 2002. A couple of years after her arrival, Lorena became a professional in the staffing industry and now has 15 years of experience managing full recruitment and sales cycles with a unique, passionate, strategic, and consultative approach with both clients and candidates. Her focus is building lasting and meaningful relationships with people she meets. Lorena considers herself to be a Career Coach who provides guidance on professional growth and hiring needs. READ MORE…

Luann Jones

Funeral Home Owner & Operator – Guyana

After working for other funeral homes and serving families across the GTA for almost 25 years, Luann (Single Mother of two sons and grandmother of 5), has now become the first Black person in Canadian history, to own and operate a funeral home. The story of her success is a living testimony of God at work in our midst. Resilient, dedicated, compassionate and caring are some the traits that will captivate you when you meet her. Luann will inform, educate and put your mind at ease with her caring no pressure manner. READ MORE…

Wendy Yaritza Castillo Varela

Builder – Honduras

Born in Honduras, Wendy grew up to become a strong, independent and intelligent woman. Later on in her life, Wendy was determined to fulfil her dream of becoming a model so she decided at the age of 17 to move to Barcelona, Spain hoping that there will be better opportunities that will help her reach her goal. At the age of 18, Wendy gave birth to her oldest child and at the age of 22 had her youngest child, she raised both as a single mother. Only wanting the best for them, she moved to Canada knowing that her children will have a more suitable education and desirable future to look forward to. As the years passed by, Wendy began working in construction and started her own company called Castillo’s Contractor INC. READ MORE…

Cherene Francis

Personal Image & Branding Expert, MultiMedia Marketing Strategist, Actor – Canada

Cherene is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Author, Television Show Host, Producer & Actor, inspiring many viewers through stage and media. She has formal education and experience in the Performing Arts, Film/TV Media, Communication, Personal-Brand Marketing, Religious Studies, Philosophy and Spirituality. READ MORE…

Donna Marie Gowe

Community Advocate – Jamaica

Donna Gowe, a people person, hails from Paul Mountain District, Above Rocks P.O. St. Catherine but currently lives in Kingston, Mountain View Avenue for the past 27 years. Donna is the mother of three biological children and one adopted child, who is actually her nephew. During her formative years, Donna was a “foodie” and a Cosmetologist by profession! She still bakes the best Christmas Cakes and Puddings which are sold all over the world including Dubai. She started selling her cakes and puddings on Instagram. READ MORE…

KayAnn Hylton

Entrepreneur – Jamaica

Growing up as a young girl, in a home where you are deprived of certain privileges based on living conditions, it took a lot of courage to persevere. I grew up in a household where both parents were present, two older brothers and two younger sisters. My parents ensured that even though the odds were against us, times were hard and we were indeed struggling, we knew the meaning of life and that just like any and everyone else we have the chance of defeating the odds. Out of all the life lessons that were taught, I am most grateful for the fact that they kept God in the midst. Migrating to Canada at 13 is where life started to make a change, not that it wasn’t still hard but we were better able to acquire opportunities. READ MORE…

Melissa Calway-Barlock

Executive Consultant – Canada


Juwels LeGardi

Designer – Russia

Born in Russia, the creative gene was apparent in Juwels’s family as both parents were accomplished artists. From childhood, Juwels exhibited her strong creative talents as she entered The VDNKh Exhibition at age 15 where she competed against adults from all over the Soviet Union, winning the prestigious award of “The Best Graphic Designer in Russia”. Graduating with honors from the Moscow Art School, Juwel went on to become a flight attendant.

Upon moving to Canada, Juwels proved her true artistic diversity by working in different mediums including sculpting, painting, graphic design, photography and fashion design.  Juwels has created portraits for such distinguished personalities such as Frank Stronach, Mel Lastman and Ed Mirvish, as well as creating covers for HOToronto Magaziine and jazz festivals. READ MORE…

Yogita Manchanda

Miss World Delegate – India

Yogita Manchanda is a National Delegate for Miss World Canada 2020 representing Brampton, Ontario. She was born in India and moved to Toronto when she was 6 years old. This allowed her to maintain her culture and heritage while fully embracing the beauty and magnificence that Canada has to offer. She is family oriented, religious and loves helping out within the
community. Yogita is enrolled in McMaster University pursing her B.A. in Psychology while also having a part time job.. READ MORE…

Samantha F. Glass

CEO SFG Paralegal Services – Canada

The founder of SFG Paralegal Services.  Sam founded SFG and sought a paralegal career with the mission of assisting everyday people with troublesome legal matters.  Sam holds a strong knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act, Human Rights Code, among others.  Sam is also well experienced in litigation within the Small Claims Court where representation served private individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses as well as the big banks. Samantha enjoys volunteering and gives much time to bringing forward public awareness on behalf of the paralegal profession and what paralegals can do to assist the general public in Ontario. READ MORE…