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Godevar Cooper

Fashion Designer – Trinidad & Tobago

One can always find Godevar putting herself in the front line helping those in need. This conscientious woman has a soft spot in her heart for children, and has personally taken on the Board of Education, and the City Council in a battle to keep the local school and daycare open.  She has represented the parents and the community in the City Hall Counsel of Chambers, and has sat on three different Boards.  Godevar has sat on The Parents Advisory Board for the Toronto City Council, and has been voted President of the Board of Directors for Perth School Day-care. READ MORE…

Onem Carson-Ekine

Creative Director, EM Avenue – Nigeria

Having interests in the Culinary, Event, Hospitality and Tourism Space with several industry certifications, Onem, a mum and serial entrepreneur, juggles the rewards of being a multipreneur by initiating and growing business ideas while raising her birth and adopted children. READ MORE…

Janice Horne

Light Changers Lifestyle, Ballroom Dancer – USA

Passionate, inspirational, heart-centered.
I AM A WOMAN ON FIRE because…..
I follow my intuition; my nudges, my inner knowing…
I am an outside the box thinker…
I am a woman of courage and destiny….which has led me on a journey of self-discovery; a journey of self-awareness to live the life I was called to live. This journey led me to propose and create my own position in the largest hospital system in the South East.  Currently, I am a  full-time music relaxation specialist in Atlanta, GA. I teach patients how to utilize music as a healing modality which can support their recovery process. READ MORE…

Melissa Hadaway

Online Coach – Jamaica

Passionate! Empowered! Persistent!

After being diagnosed with meningitis in 2015, and losing her hearing, Melissa has fought her way to being not just an entrepreneur but being a woman who empowers others to ignite the fire within themselves and find their purpose, passion and power through an online coaching program, she continually promotes other women in the community. READ MORE…

Leatrice Lindsay

Serial Mompreneur – Jamaica

A woman of Devine Purpose, woman of God, a mother of 3 on a mission, a serial mompreneur, a world-renowned inspirational speaker, health coach, mentor, and your accountability partner. She was last year’s nominee and was featured on vercay radio (IHeart radio). READ MORE…

Ruth Herrera

Writer & Researcher – Canada

Ruth Herrera is a writer and researcher and a member of the Herrera house seal.
Her passion focuses on consciously incorporating resilience strategies into our
lives when facing the unthinkable. Her goal is to touch the hearts of many people
that are suffering, grieving and feeling without hope, by offering resilience tools and a sense of well-being. READ MORE…

Cassandra Holder

Social Media Specialist – Trinidad & Tobago

Cassandra Holder a developing woman in business to help other people reach their goals and make incredible breakthroughs in their own lives through the power of the mind. But before Cassandra  learned the strategies of the mind in building an abundant life and creating amazing wealth, she had her share of struggles and seemingly insurmountable challenges in life. READ MORE…

Sophia Findlay

Communications Specialist – Jamaica

Sophia Findlay is a Toronto-based communications specialist with expertise in journalism, social media content blogging, photography and an account manager for print, radio and online. She currently works with Gleaner Media (Canada), G987FM and her own public relations start-up agency, WRD MRT PR. Sophia also volunteers as a board director at the University of Toronto’s radio station CIUT. READ MORE…