Janice Horne

Passionate, inspirational, heart-centered
I AM A WOMAN ON FIRE because…..
I follow my intuition; my nudges, my inner knowing…
I am an outside the box thinker…
I am a woman of courage and destiny….which has led me on a journey of self-discovery; a journey of self-awareness to live the life I was called to live.

This journey led me to propose and create my own position in the largest hospital system in the South East.  Currently, I am a  full-time music relaxation specialist in Atlanta, GA. I teach patients how to utilize music as a healing modality which ca
support their recovery process.

Women On Fire are committed to always growing, sharing, teaching and empowering others. As I grew in my understanding of my gifts and talents… other opportunities began to show up.  My husband and I became educators for Young Living Essential Oils. For us, it began with a decision; a decision to live a chemical free lifestyle and now, we dedicate ourselves to teaching others what we have learned and how simple changes to our daily routines can make a powerful and positive difference in the lives of so many.

Women On Fire have great vision and clarity; they greet each day with open arms…They choose consistent, daily actions which moves them towards their destiny.   I choose to live life with great passion and to live life abundantly.  To me, that means aligning my life goals with FUN!  When we live out our life’s calling… our hearts are full of joy and excitement.  My passion is ballroom dancing and My husband and I are currently transitioning into a full-time competitive dance career.   We rejoice in these new experiences and know… that the best is yet to come.  This is who we are; it is our life’s calling and it is what our business LightChangers LifeStyle is all about!

I join the thousands of Women On Fire all over the world… who choose to listen to their innate voice within, who believe in their dreams with every fiber of their being, and then confidently and courageously take MASSIVE ACTION and WIN IN LIFE!

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