KayAnn Hylton

Growing up as a young girl, in a home where you are deprived of certain privileges based on living conditions, it took a lot of courage to persevere. I grew up in a household where both parents were present, two older brothers and two younger sisters.

My parents ensured that even though the odds were against us, times were hard and we were indeed struggling, we knew the meaning of life and that just like any and everyone else we have the chance of defeating the odds. Out of all the life lessons that were taught, I am most grateful for the fact that they kept God in the midst. Migrating to Canada at 13 is where life started to make a change, not that it wasn’t still hard but we were better able to acquire opportunities. Now I own two businesses, Fresh From the Pot Catering and Eva Fresh Cleaning.

So you ask why am I a WOMAN ON FIRE?

I did not grow up having role models, but instead I grew up having people I did not want to be like and situations I will fight to never put myself in. It is and was my responsibility to construct a life that would be an encouragement to that young girl who thinks it is impossible to grow  like a rose from the cement. Being your own boss, beating the system that confines us to a box and living up to your full potential is achievable.

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