Laurie Herman

Positive, Strong, Leader

I am a WOMAN ON FIRE because I have shown strong, positive, caring leadership throughout my life. I was blessed  with a 30 year career in education. I retire as an Elementary School Principal 5 years ago. I took about 7 months to write my first book and then started an online business. I am a Younique Representative. I support Younique because their products are natural based, cruelty free and the companies Foundation supports sexually abused women. I believe we are here to support each other. “A true leader is not the one with the most followers but one who creates the most leaders.”

I have supported small businesses  any way that  I can as I have supported families and children throughout my educational career and beyond. When I have done training  for my business all were invited whether in Younique business (my line or others) or other small businesses.

I believe world peace  starts in our own back yards, which begins with supporting our own communities. Our most important assets for our future are our children, Educating and supporting  them is our hope for humanity and our planet. My most cherished role is that of a mother of 3 strong independent and wonderful kids.

I am most honored in receiving this award and so proud to be part of a group that supports women and girls in Haiti “Walk with Dignity.”

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