Leatrice Lindsay

A woman of Devine Purpose, woman of God, a mother of 3 on a mission, a serial mompreneur a world-renowned inspirational speaker, health coach, mentor, and your accountability partner. She was last year’s nominee and was featured on vercay radio (IHeart radio). She has managed to turn her life around and walk away from toxic relationships, self-sabotage and depression. Turning her pain to purpose she found her power and decided to rule her kingdom. Trice is now helping other women heal on their own journey of self-development, by keeping them accountable while holding their hands during their own soul work and self-discovery. Her mission as a confident coach and life changer is to help 1000 families have a total life change, as we renew our Mind. Body. Soul. & Bank Accounts.

Reclaiming our power back and ruling our kingdom as we (train) TRANFORM. REDIRECT. AFFIRM. INSPIRE and make moves to the NEXT Level.

You can find Trice on IG @iamleatricelindsay and on FB @Tricelindsay