Mackeda Bramwell, BA. JD. GDLP

Mackeda Bramwell is a Partner at Koradek Law, Professional Corporation, based in Toronto and Kingston, Jamaica with Services in Brisbane, Australia. Her practice focuses on Family litigation, Business law, Real estate, Immigration and Estate matters. Ms. Bramwell has worked with top commercial law firms both in Australia and Canada. A seasoned entrepreneur, she is also the CEO of VP Marketing Group Inc (VPMG Canada, a marketing group that markets luxury real estate properties in the Caribbean.

Mackeda holds a degree in Criminal Justice, Juris Doctor degree in law, and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. She also holds membership at the New South Wales Bar and the Law Society of Ontario. She is an active community member and an advocate for the empowerment and upliftment of minorities in Canada. She is especially passionate about giving a voice to the vulnerable and the underserved in her community.

Aside from Mackeda’s stellar academic and professional achievement she is extremely passionate about giving back to her community and has spent the last 17 years championing causes she cares deeply about, such as youth and female empowerment and senior’s rights.

Mackeda is a vice-president for A-Supreme Foundation in Toronto. She co-founded the My Sister’s Keeper, Toronto (MSK Toronto) a support group for single mothers and young women. She has facilitated several start-up workshops for young entrepreneurs. Mackeda has also volunteered with the City of Toronto’s Youth Employment Services and FSG Australia. She has lectured in her field, facilitated and participated in various small business and estate workshops, and continues to make an impact through her work and charities in Canada, Jamaica and Australia. When not working or volunteering, Mackeda is busy travelling, hiking or exploring new outdoor wonders.

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