Martha Samer

Martha Samer educational background of Law (graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela, upgraded at Centennial College in Canada), Social Work and International Language Instructor at York Catholic District School Board, has given a solid understanding of public relations management, as well as a strong sense of community, among her deep wish to serve newcomers student and their families to build a strong relation with the school system, providing the tools to make decision and develop their future in Canada. Bilingual in English and Spanish, also as career woman who has had immigrated with her family to Canada from Venezuela, living in several countries such as Mexico, Colombia, United States of America, went throughout the process of settlement and contacts with different cultures, enforcing her abilities to work with multidisciplinary teams, with critical thinking, decision making, leadership in activities of human rights and social justice.

Her certifications in International Law, were giving her the experience to represent International business in the motor parts industry. She has conducted national and international conference on Asian lines of brands related to the expansion of the automotive industry in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, United States (Texas, Florida and Maryland). She has organized Expo-Franchises and assisted International Seminars related to immigration areas.


Her wide Canadian experience has given the opportunity to work with Catholic Community Services in York Region, a non-for-profit Organization as a Settlement worker. Currently is the Director of Community Association for the Advancement of Latin Americans, is a not for profit corporation to provide assistant to the Latin community, through different programs focus on the integration in the Canadian society, employment and social development.

Martha Samer has demonstrated her commitment and dedication to serving the community and the people who are in need. The families she helped were very diverse and she successfully established good relations with them. Based on her experience as a Settlement worker, she cased managed families who faced tremendous difficulty in getting adjusted in the school and community by providing emotional counselling and guided them in navigating community programs and services.

She conducted one-on-one meetings as well as family meetings to provide a comprehensive needs assessment driven by the student´s or family´s self-identified goals. She believes strongly in social justice and in advocating for the rights of the disenfranchised, being recognized by York Region with the Character Community Awards, nominated for “Character Community Innovator-GIVE” on April, 2017. Her ability to establish a good and
trusting relationship with the school stakeholders, community partners and clients is a measure success as a Settlement worker, the value of a warm personality has earned the respect and admiration of every one she came in contact with, her co-workers, principals, teachers, clients and students. Martha was the lead of team´s Social Committees and she was instrumental in creating a positive and supportive environment within the team she has been involved.

Martha worked in the schools as a School Settlement Worker providing settlement services to newcomer students and their families enrolled in the public and Catholic schools in York Region. She assisted new immigrants, first generation Canadians, refugees, refugee claimants, and protected persons to settle in York Region, Ontario. Martha was also responsible for delivering well run and well attended workshops with a myriad of settlement topics. She
initiated several projects in the schools most noteworthy of which is the Women in Leadership (WIL-Power) support group and the Spanish students support group, being recognized a one of the “Hispanic Leaders of Canada 2018” for her strong dedication to the women causes. She organized workshops and cultural events to promote multi- culturalism and inclusivity among the various ethnic groups in the schools.

Currently, she is the host and journalist of a Youtube Channel named “Destino Canadá with Martha Samer” sustained by a global audiovisual company “Desktiny Productions” which content implies a platform of information address to immigrants in Canada or willing to come around the world providing resources in all the areas of settlement, legal, health, social, psychological among others, certified by licensed professionals in Canada.

One of the most mainstream of satisfaction is being part of the Goodwill Ambassadors of Canadian Human Right Organization-CHRIO, serving and providing aid and support to immigrants in different areas of settlement but most recently conducting TV programs presentations related to highlight testimonies of the multiple activities the Organization has implemented in Canada and around the world defending human rights.