Michell Barker

Passionate, Relentless & Compassionate

Michell Barker has been empowering women in any way that she can for the last 18 years of her life. After she was born in Panama her mother and siblings moved to Dallas, TX for a year before immigrating to Canada when she was 3 years old.  Daughter of Isabel Bejarano and William Vicente Barker,  she watched how her mother overcame a society very different from the one she was used to back in El Salvador. Through the church that she was attending, Michell finally decided to take her self development seriously so she decided listen to motivational speakers online, read countless books and attend and serve her church any time she could.

Then she decided that she wanted to help women by sharing the lessons she learned that helped her through her journey of healing.  At her church with the help of Sharlene Khan, Michell and Sharlene started a girls ministry called Daughters of Zion based on the scripture Isaiah 52:2 for 2 years.

Michell changed her efforts to help women from the church to women’s shelters, women’s groups and organisations, where she then started an online women’s empowerment magazine called www.findyourbeautiful.com.

Michell and her partner Iman Stewart did empowerment lifestyle events and workshops all over Ontario.  They also had women  in regards to their respective fields on the online magazine on a regular basis.  After 5 years with the magazine she took a break to do the deepest heart surgery she has ever been through with herself and is now ready to share it with women through a different medium, a book. She can relate to women from being a teen mother, being in abusive relationships, being an immigrant, growing up poor and without a father and making a million mistakes with friendships and men to starting businesses and rising to a VP of Marketing and Leasing position of a Real Estate company.

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