Miriam Arteaga Lara

Passionate, Determined & Resilient

Miriam is a Mexican woman who emigrated to Canada worked at McDonald’s until she took her maternity leave, there she learned that you have to ask for what you want and that with work, perseverance and professionalism things can be achieved.

She started to work without speaking English and ended up being the Administrative Assistant for the franchise of 5 restaurants When she met motherhood facing this without family and with friends without children, she decided to share her experiences with the new moms, so they would not feel alone.

Founder of Latin Mom in Canada and began publishing information of interest for women with children and for their families. She has taken many courses offered by the city of Toronto and other institutions such as Macaulay Development Center and the Colombian embassy. These courses helped her grow in her community of Latin Mom in Canada and her mission is to Empower Moms in Canadian Society. Makes interviews with Successful Mamas, this is for every mom who wants to make her story known because we are all a successful mom.

She has obtained three neighborhood grants Toronto so that this year they will have their Summer Conference. She is a woman passionate about life, for her family and likes to be  part of the change.

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