Patricia Lynn Stokes

Passionate, Relentless & Committed!

Patricia is a Contemporary Abolitionist, who strongly believes in advocating for those who are not able to advocate for themselves. She is the co founder of Pat & Pat Partnering Against Trafficking, with others around the world.

She is a philanthropist, and humanitarian.  Patricia has dedicated over 20yrs. to the front lines, being a trauma survivor herself, advocating for our society’s most vulnerable has become her Burning Desire.
She has been a hands on Board member since 2015- as the Vice President at

Patricia has made a commitment to bring awareness, and end the stigma towards Cannabis and Hemp as a form of wellness, through her website and her FB Group

She believes we will end the opioid epidemic in communities around the world, leaving more people feeling WELL, FULFILLED, and HAPPY, without needing to get high. Patricia is also the Co-founder of the Hi5 Club, she and her business partners run a Live Interactive online Personal Development Personal Growth & Mindset Group

The Hi5 Partners are committed to the success of every member in the group. Patricia holds a Pre BA in Behavioral Psychology, A Law Clerk Diploma, and has received an Honours Diploma in Travel & Tourism. In honor of her late mother Yvonne and sister Debbie, Patricia is containing to write the story she started with her mother before she passed, in Hope’s to bring further awareness to how others can help end Human Trafficking. Captial Funding is now vital for Patricia to be able to continue onto her next steps, to combat and End Human Trafficking.

Her book will be Titled “SISTERS, The keepers of our secrets The TRUTH is, not everyone will make it out alive!. If you or someone you know are interested in becoming the publishing partner in this SOON to be released book, or are interested in helping raise Capital funds, reach out to Patricia or any member in her Hi5 Team.

Love and Blessings, Sincerely


Patricia Lynn Stokes