Ruth Herrera, Canada

Ruth Herrera has a big heart and who has experienced so much grief in her lifetime, including the unexpected and tragic death of her beloved mother. Despite facing so much pain Ruth claimed herself to heal her soul by an awakening inner transformation. She discovered that the key to happiness is the Love found inside each one of us, as part of the Divine arrangement of this Universe.

Ruth Herrera is a writer and researcher and a member of the Herrera house seal. Her passion focuses on consciously incorporating resilience strategies into our lives when facing the unthinkable. Her goal is to touch the hearts of many people that are suffering, grieving and feeling without hope, by offering resilience tools and a sense of well-being. Ruth decided to document her experiences and began to research the patterns found in people who thrive after a tragedy, to discover a healing path for a broken heart.

In 2018 Ruth traveled to the Arabian desert, United Arab Emirates UAE to study the oasis resilience, nature’s resilience. This investigation inspired the creation of a social media platform called “Oasis for the Soul” where people can get a daily dose of resilience motivation.

In 2019 She traveled to Japan to study the people’s culture of resilience after 75 years of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima nuclear bomb tragedy. Her findings are being documented in a book called “The Path, You and Me”

She is the Co-founder of “Davinci 500 Years on His Influence on Modern Creative Minds” Event held at the University of Toronto on May 2, 2019. Also, she is the co-founder of the Award Winning Architectural Wearable Jewelry design brand by CarlosHerrera.

Her education includes a Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Cundinamarca in Colombia, a Degree in Financial Management from Oakland College in Michigan, United States and a Certificate in Introduction to Psychology from the University of Toronto, Canada. She completed a Fashion and Luxury Companies course approved by Universita BOCONI, Milan Italy.

She participated as a speaker during the second convention for the gifted in Mexico City, and also shared her entrepreneurial and resilience ideas during a talk for Mensa Mexico.

Ruth has shared her creative resilience insights with Vigor Awards and was interviewed by Air Canada during the Air Canada 787 Boeing unveiling.

Ruth has expressed her written work during a presentation at the Business Conference for Hispanic Entrepreneurs in Richmond Hill.