Wendy Yaritza Castillo Valera

Determined, Dreamer, Entrepreneur

Born in Honduras, Wendy grew up to become a strong, independent and intelligent woman. Later on in her life, Wendy was determined to fulfil her dream of becoming a model so she decided at the age of 17 to move to Barcelona, Spain hoping that there will be better opportunities that will help her reach her goal. At the age of 18, Wendy gave birth to her oldest child and at the age of 22 had her youngest child, she raised both as a single mother.

Only wanting the best for them, she moved to Canada knowing that her children will have a more suitable education and desirable future to look forward to. As the years passed by, Wendy began working in construction and started her own company called Castillo’s Contractor INC.

Knowing what it feels like to want to fulfill a dream in life, Wendy wanted to make others feel happy and assist them in reaching their main goal in life. Wendy initiated in making her own company called CDV productions to help her daughter reach the goals and dreams she wanted. This company allowed her to help Allison get the title of Miss Teenage Canada. Also Wendy helped her daughter Allison Castillo attend modeling classes which eventually landed her a spot in the Premiere acting agency.

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