Yogita Manchanda

Perfectionist, Creative & Influential!

Yogita Manchanda is a National Delegate for Miss World Canada 2020 representing Brampton, Ontario. She was born in India and moved to Toronto when she was 6 years old. This allowed her to maintain her culture and heritage while fully embracing the beauty and magnificence that Canada has to offer. She is family oriented, religious and loves helping out within the community. Yogita is enrolled in McMaster University pursing her B.A. in Psychology while also having a part time job. Though she has several different passions, one of her favourites has been working in the fashion industry.

Over the last decade, she has gotten to work with many big names, has become a brand ambassador for various companies, has been featured in several magazines, and has organized many creative events for businesses and for charities. She wishes to use this new platform to help raise awareness for mental health issues, body shaming, gender equity, nature and wildlife preservation, climate change, and much more.

Promoting positive social change in these areas and other great causes are vital and she believes that with the right knowledge, a little compassion, and the will to act, we can make a difference. As a proud Canadian and Miss Brampton 2020, Yogita strongly believes that together we can make the world a better place.

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